Tyler has always had a sense of adventure and wonder. Since starting piano lessons at the age of 6, he has always been the one who can pick up an instrument and immediately can make you think he’s been playing it for years. Whether it’s his sister’s flute, his mom’s clarinet, his aunt’s trumpet, or his brother’s saxophone, music has always been his language of choice.

However, growing up in a tiny town in the panhandle of Oklahoma (named Hooker, OK of all things, seriously look it up) did not afford many musical opportunities. So when he attended and majored in music at Harding University in Searcy, AR, he was able to be part of a world class marching band, jazz band, orchestra, brass ensembles, and even a 100 piece choir. In fact, it was in that choir that he met the love of his life, Kelly (yes, that Kelly who is now the LS2 pod guide at The Studio Prep). They were married in 2002 and have been making each other laugh ever since.

After graduation in 2003, he and Kelly moved to Texas and he spent the next 12 years as a middle school and high school band director at multiple schools around the state. During this time, he also became a successful drill designer for marching bands as well as a composer of works for concert and marching bands. In 2004, he was commissioned by the Louisiana District I Band Directors’ Association to compose and perform a piece for the Region Concert Band concert. He also performed with numerous ensembles such as the Greater Texoma Jazz Ensemble, the Houston Symphonic Band, and the Paluxy Valley Community Band.

In 2016, Tyler decided to step into church ministry, spending the next 6 years in various ministry roles including Children’s Minister, Worship Minister, and general tech-guy on staff. When the world was turned upside down by COVID-19 in 2020, he quickly pivoted to become the lead video producer for the church, combining his love of music and technology to create community with people all over the country.

His favorite things to do are play piano and guitar, travel to new places, listen to his wife laugh, annoy his teenage kids (Keynan, Parker, and Hannah Beth), and nap with his dog, Ella.

Formal Education:
Bachelor of Music Education, Harding University