Sharon Ellerby is a native Austinite, dedicated wife, mother of three and grandmother of eight. Sharon’s faith and personal relationship with Christ is her core and has resulted in a lifetime commitment to her ongoing spiritual growth as well as the lives others she has touched along her journey. She has a deep passion for family history and drive for helping others that was cultivated from her experience as a caregiver for her beloved Grandmother.

Sharon’s gift of connecting with people especially young people has allowed her to empower many along her path. From a young age as a big sister she began developing creative ways of inspiring and awaking others to embrace their education while tapping into their own creativity. Sharon’s natural leadership abilities at a young age led to being a successful cheerleader coach of young girls and now as her Husband calls her a cheerleader for God thru Christ.

As a teenage parent Sharon developed very creative teaching techniques to spark her Son’s passion for learning. She is a vibrant leader and volunteer for the Alliance for African American Health in Central Texas, “A Better Me” program supporting participants making a healthier lifestyle change. Sharon’s dedicated work contribution as a Practitioner with the Austin Health Commons includes the facilitation of multiple Truth Racial Healing Transformation Circles designed to lead participates to develop a deeper understanding of our shared humanity through telling their stories.