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Information Meeting

Studio Prep 5925 Dillard Cir, Suite B, Austin

Come explore a homeschool co-op model where: - students take charge of their education,  - Socratic discussions build critical thinking, E.Q., and self-understanding, - project-based learning cements lessons more deeply than lectures, - the norm is loving kindness,  - families set goals customized to each student’s passions and potholes, and - each child is challenged […]

Practice ACT open to the Homeschooling Community

Studio Prep 5925 Dillard Cir, Suite B, Austin

Cost:  Free. We’re making copies of a practice test for our co-op students, so it’s not much to make a few more. Our three-day homeschool co-op, Studio Preparatory, will practice twice for the SAT and twice for the ACT during this academic year. If you’d like to practice in a setting simulating as many elements* […]