Overall Approach

Core curriculum:  Our core curriculum covers the academic areas necessary for our students to receive a competitive education, allows the flexibility for students to pursue their passions, and incorporates an approach that serves our greater mission.

Core teaching materials:  Guides at The Studio™ Socratically teach from certain curricula as the “spine” and then customize each topic to fit the specific needs and interests of the students.  If parents know a certain curriculum works well for their student, we encourage them to use it.  Guides track curricula we offer, and parents track curricula they choose.

Quests:  Quests are two to nine-week, interdisciplinary deep dives into a particular topic that are project-based, student-customized, and result in a public display of knowledge instead of a final exam.

Setting goals for the year and session:  Learn as quickly as you want to or as slowly as you must. Students, parents & guides work together to establish goals for both core classes (e.g., mathematics, science, English and history) and elective topics aligned with the student’s passions and potholes.


General Plan By Academic Level

Elementary (Lower School I – LS1)  and Middle (Lower School II – LS2)

High School (Freshmen – Seniors)

All high school students are encouraged to follow a strong college-preparatory program.  Accordingly, we structure our program so students can master the subjects competitive colleges expect students to complete in high school.  Depending on the census, we offer most of these courses.  When not offered through The Studio, students may pursue mastery via online programs, independent study, one of the many homeschool courses offered in Austin, or local community colleges.  Austin Community College’s new Highlands campus is a half-mile walk from The Studio.

Competitive colleges typically expect:

  • Four years of math:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus
  • Three to four years of science:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, 4th science of your choosing
  • Four years of English:  Language Arts, Language and Composition, US Literature and Composition, World Literature and Composition
  • History: US History, World History, Western Civilizations, US Government & Economics
  • Foreign language:  Four semesters in the same language.  (The Studio offers Spanish and Dutch)