Over the years, we modified our program as we kept what worked well and changed what didn’t.  We expect continued improvements will help us fulfill our Mission and Vision to the best of our abilities.

Our Mission:

Through academic and character education, we help students to listen humbly, to challenge bravely, and to fail productively so that they can discover their God-given, world-changing calling.

Our Vision:

to create a community where every student can

  • know and love God,
  • love and serve their neighbors,
  • begin to discover and follow their callings,
  • achieve their academic and intellectual potential,
  • challenge themselves and others toward excellence, and
  • stand as leaders with courage and integrity.

Other pages in this section provide more information on the wonderful team that are the heart of Studio Prep, the history of how we got here, and opportunities to learn more from our staff and students.

Our son (who is now in college) earned an A+ on an essay for a class and felt it was so easy for him compared to some of his classmates. He is really grateful for Mrs Diller and ANI charts.